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Weekly Update #7

Discover General AI Challenge events and present your solutions at EGPAI and NIPS!

April 5, 2017

The General AI Challenge is speeding up! This week, we have some exciting news about exclusive opportunities for you, the participants, to join the scientific AI community while working on the Challenge tasks. Read more to find out!

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General AI Challenge Workshop at NIPS 2017

GoodAI is going to hold a workshop on the results of the first round (Gradual Learning) at The Twenty-ninth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems NIPS 2017 (Dec 4, 2017 - Dec 9, 2017, Long Beach, CA, USA). The workshop will be organized together with Facebook Research.

General AI Challenge Meetup in NYC:

Artificial General Intelligence through Games

The Challenge meetup in New York City is today!


On Wednesday April 5th, 18:00, at WeWork Park South, NYC, Dr. Julian Togelius (Game Innovation Lab, New York University) will explore the role of video games in developing general intelligence. The team from GoodAI will share their perspective on the topic via a live stream, and explain the $5M General AI Challenge.

The last couple of tickets are still available! 

General AI Challenge is your way to EGPAI 2017!

The EGPAI 2017  (Evaluating General-Purpose AI workshop, August 19-25, 2017, Melbourne, Australia) will host a special session for the General AI Challenge track, reporting on the state of the competition, including an invited talk given from GoodAI and a few selected short reports from the participants.

Registered participants for the GENERAL AI CHALLENGE are invited to submit a short summary (2-4 pages) explaining their approach to solving the challenge and their experience so far (at the moment of submission). The deadline is June 10th, 2017.

Accepted papers for this track will be presented during the workshop and will appear in the workshop proceedings. We encourage you to participate and join the scientific community!

General AI Challenge: behavioral economics perspective


Marek Havrda (GoodAI) will take part in the CEMS V4 Conference conference with a lecture titled "Artificial Intelligence & Behavioral Economics: Combining Computer and Human Behaviors", discussing the General AI Challenge and its future rounds, which are expected to be connected to the topic.

The event takes place at the University of Economics, Prague, on April 6th. The lecture is open to public, but registration is required at Do not miss the chance to discover a new perspective on AI in business!

News from the AI world

Born to Learn: the Inspiration, Progress, and Future of Evolved Plastic Artificial Neural Networks

A new paper from Andrea Soltoggio, Kenneth O. Stanley and  Sebastian Risi brings together a variety of inspiring ideas that define the field of EPANNs.

Baidu’s AI learned English by learning to find apples in a maze

Baidu is developing an AI whose main objective is to find objects in an unfamiliar maze. But instead of letting the AI explore and learn itself, the way a human would, a “teacher” algorithm commands it where to go using plain English.

Inspiration from the brain


A better understanding of the reasons why neurons spike could lead to smart AI systems that can store more information more efficiently - in an interview with Geoffrey Hinton conducted by Jack Clark.

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