Weekly Update #5 - Talks from Bratislava meetup, Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security Call for Papers, New Challenge Meetup in NYC!

March 22, 2017

We are back with this week’s update to bring you the latest on the General AI Challenge.

The registrations for the first round have gone past the 300 mark and keep growing. If you are hesitant to begin solving the tasks on your own, start a conversation on the Challenge forum to assemble your dream team!

Watch the Bratislava meetup talks

The General AI Challenge presentation

By Olga Afanasjeva - General AI Challenge Director, COO at GoodAI

& Sungmin Aum - Senior Researcher at GoodAI

An introduction to GoodAI Applied

By Guillermo Alda, Client Development Director, GoodAI Applied

Five easy steps to Deep Learning

By Ralph Hinsche, Business Development Manager for Higher Education & Research at NVIDIA

General AI Challenge Meetup in NYC:

Artificial General Intelligence through Games

Games, particularly video games, are increasingly used to test artificial intelligence. But what sort of intelligence is it that we want to develop?

At this meetup, Dr. Julian Togelius (Game Innovation Lab, New York University) will explore the role of video games in developing general intelligence.

Team from GoodAI will share their perspective via live stream, introduce the $5M General AI Challenge, and explain the motivation behind the Challenge tasks and the environment used in the 1st round of the Challenge.

The event is hosted by Consciousness Club NYC.

Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security - Call for Book Chapters

Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy, Professor at the University of Louisville and the member of the Challenge advisory board, calls for chapters for the Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security book. If you are interested and want to contribute, check here for more info: http://cecs.louisville.edu/ry/CFC_AISS_Yampolskiy.pdf

Watch the Prague meetup talks

Meta Reinforcement Learning

Pavel Kordik, Researcher at Czech Technical University in Prague

Do We Want Sentient AGI?

By Jan Romportl, Chief Data Scientist at O2 Czech Republic

Upcoming conferences

The GoodAI Core team is planning to participate in several upcoming AI conferences:


ML Prague - April 21–23, Prague

Prague, home of GoodAI, is hosting a remarkable machine learning conference! You can look forward to inspiring speakers - both from academic and business side, algorithms, data, applications, workshops and a lot of fun during three days. GoodAI will be holding two workshops on gradual learning and the AI Roadmap Institute.

Learn more



Rise of AI - May 11, Berlin

Rise of AI is an annual conference to connect AI entrepreneurs, investors, the media, researchers, and politicians to discuss artificial intelligence.

Jan Feyereisl from GoodAI will be holding a workshop on the AI Roadmap Institute.

Learn more



52nd International Festival of Science Documentary Films Academia Film Olomouc - April 25-30, Olomouc

GoodAI Senior Researcher Sungmin Aum will be giving a talk on general AI. The festival program consists of a science documentary film competition and individual sections. Remarkable guests include Hiroshi Ishiguro, research director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University and author of humanoid robots, including his own impressive double!

Learn more



TechSummit - May 10-11, Bratislava

TECHSummit & Gadget Expo Bratislava is a two-day conference with an exhibition focused on strategic technology areas in Digital Economy.

Olga Afanasjeva, COO at GoodAI and General AI Challenge Director, will be holding a presentation about the development of general AI and its difference from current AI technology; how our AI solutions and expertise can maximize your business success; the General AI Challenge and the AI Roadmap Institute.

Learn more

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