Weekly Update #4 - First month recap, Challenge meetup at Bratislava, Upcoming conferences and more!

March 16, 2017

This week marks one month since the launch of the General AI Challenge.


During this month, we have reached over 300 participants from all over the world and our team organized four meetups around the globe.

General AI Challenge meetup in Bratislava

Similar to the ones that preceded it, the Bratislava meetup was a full house! Attendees had the opportunity to meet the Challenge and GoodAI teams, and ask various questions related to the development of general artificial intelligence as well as learn more about the Challenge.


The GoodAI Applied team had a presentation on the limits of today's AI and how the algorithms developed by the GoodAI Core team can be implemented for business use.


The event closed with Ralph Hinsche, Business Development Manager for Higher Education & Research at NVIDIA, showcasing five easy steps to get started with Deep Learning. A detailed QA from the event will be published on the Challenge official forum within the next few days.


Guillermo Alda - Client Development Director, GoodAI Applied

An introduction to GoodAI Applied


Olga Afanasjeva - General AI Challenge Director, COO at GoodAI

Sungmin Aum - Senior Researcher at GoodAI

The General AI Challenge presentation


Ralph Hinsche - Business Development Manager for Higher Education & Research at NVIDIA

Five easy steps to Deep Learning

AI News

"Futures of Changes"

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"Keras 2.0, clickbait detection, new datasets and more.."

Deep Learning Weekly Issue #32 - read more​​

Challenge Task Tester

One of the Challenge participants has put together a simple web server that allows anyone to try solving the tasks without additional installations.

Upcoming Conferences

The GoodAI Core team is planning to participate in several upcoming AI conferences:


Rise of AI - May 11, 2017 at the Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin



ML Prague - April 21–23, 2017, Prague



Techsummit 2017 - 10-11 May, 2017, Bratislava


The web server is available at: http://www.frank-buss.de/ai/index.html

We think that it's a nice idea which helps interested people get a quick grasp of the environment and its interface. Try it out!