Weekly Update #3 - Challenge Meetups at Prague & Bratislava, 1st Round Tasks Video and more!

March 8, 2017

The General AI Challenge keeps growing strongly with more than 260 signups in less than one month since launch. We have already organized three events at different locations all over the world and our team is working to bring even more in the near future! Follow the discussion on the Forum and let us know if you would like to have a meetup in your city.

General AI Challenge meetup in Prague

We are very pleased that the Prague meetup that took place at the GoodAI offices was a full house! The short intro by the Challenge team demonstrating the first round tasks was followed by inspiring talks by our guests of the night, Pavel Kordik and Jan Romportl.


Pavel Kordik,

Researcher at Czech Technical University in Prague, Co-founder at Recombee

Meta Reinforcement Learning

The aim of the talk was to argue that meta-learning or "learning to learn" is important for developing general artificial intelligence. Pavel demonstrated some examples of meta-learning approaches to predictive modeling, recommended systems or data clustering, and discussed recent work on meta-learning for reinforcement learning by some of the top AI labs.

Extended version of the presentation is here.

Jan Romportl,

Chief Data Scientist at O2 Czech Republic

Do We Want Sentient AGI?

Jan in his talk, illustrated some examples why sentience is an important aspect of AGI: either its presence could be important (such as autonomous vehicles/planes), or its absence could be important (O2 and Big Data). He also mentioned consciousness as an emergent phenomenon.


During his talk, this question was addressed: The phenomenon of emergence has been a puzzle to many minds: no single neuron causes consciousness, but 100 billion neurons do. Why is that so? Does the consciousness even exist then? How and when does the sentience of AGI emerge?


Jan was answering these and many other questions through the prism of Alternative Set theory. We'll be sharing a video of the lecture later, but for now you can start searching for the answers yourselves. Here are some materials recommended by Jan to those interested in the topic:

  • the book by Petr Vopěnka (in Czech): Meditace o základech vědy, see: http://www.cbdb.cz/kniha-152348-meditace-o-zakladech-vedy

  • the last (and most comprehensive) of Petr Vopěnka's books is being prepared to be published in English; all of the updates will be announced here: http://mmi.zcu.cz

  • quite a few talks by Petr Vopěnka, Ivan Havel, Zdeněk Neubauer and many others: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC64SzwqEMT2FlJLkEx7HDxw

  • at the very bottom of the same channel (i.e. the oldest videos there) you can find very interesting talks from the conference Beyond AI 2013, e.g. by Anders Sandberg (very relevant to the autonomous cars), Ben Goertzel, Ron Chrisley, Josh Hall, or Kevin Warwick (Turing test and Loebner prize)

And for those who couldn’t make it to the meetup, you can watch it below:


Marek Rosa Video Interview on Singularity Weblog

GoodAI CEO/CTO Marek Rosa had the opportunity to talk with Nikola Danaylov (a.k.a. Socrates) on the Singularity Weblog. Watch this interesting interview and learn about Marek’s goals, mission and dreams, his journey from game development to general AI, the people and strategy behind GoodAI, the General AI Challenge and AI Roadmap Institute, his definitions of intelligence, and much more!

Next General AI Meetup in Bratislava

The next meetup is coming up on Wednesday March 15th in Bratislava, Slovakia and is co-organized by Swiss Re in collaboration with 0100 Campus. Please note the updated meetup location: 0100 Campus, Stare Grunty 18, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.


The program includes inspirational speeches on the most recent trends in AI from NVIDIA and GoodAI, as well as information about the General AI Challenge from its creators.  Registration is already open!

Challenge Tasks Example Video

We have created a short video that demonstrates examples of the tasks that the agents need to solve in the first round of the General AI Challenge.

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