Weekly Update #2 - Challenge Meetups at New York City - Prague - Bratislava, FAQ, and more!

March 1, 2017

The General AI Challenge is in its third week and the number of first round participants is approaching 200! If you are looking for a teammate or want to join a team, go to this forum topic and express your interest: https://discourse.general-ai-challenge.org/c/form-a-team

We have also set up an FAQ on the official challenge discussion forum where you can find answers to some frequently asked questions.


General AI Challenge meetups in New York City & Prague


The second General AI Challenge meetup took place in New York City and was hosted by YHouse, within YHouse's existing meetup series called Consciousness Club NYC. Attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the Challenge and the warm-up round, discuss with the GoodAI team through a live stream, and ask questions about the challenge.

Tomas Mikolov, Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research and also member of the Challenge Advisory Board, was the speaker of the night and talked about Communication-based General Artificial Intelligence. You can find Tomas’ presentation here.

The GoodAI team’s presentation about the Challenge is here.


The meetup in Prague took place today at GoodAI's head office:

  • The GoodAI team introduced the Challenge and explained the motivation behind choosing gradual learning for the first round.

  • Guest speakers; Pavel Kordik, researcher at Czech Technical University in Prague and co-founder at Recombee, and Jan Romportl, Chief Data Scientist at O2 Czech Republic, talked about Meta Reinforcement Learning and Sentient AGI.

Next General AI Challenge meetup in Bratislava - the Cute meetup!


The next meetup will be hosted by the Slovak Academy of Science at the Research Center for Quantum Information - QUTE auditorium - in Bratislava on March 15th. Attendees will learn more about the Challenge from its creators, as well as the most recent trends in AI and its business implementations.

Registration is now open. RSVP HERE

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