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Challenge Update #12

News from our events, IAmA and EGPAI submissions!

May 18, 2017

The most intensive starting point of the challenge is now behind us, and we are approaching a milestone of the middle of the first round. 

Therefore, we decided to decrease the frequency of the updates to let you concentrate on building your solutions - especially when the deadline for EGPAI submissions of Challenge participants is less than in a month!

IAmA General AI researcher:

GoodAI on Reddit 

On May 23rd, 6 pm CET, Marek Rosa (CEO, CTO, GoodAI) and core research team together with General AI Challenge team will have an "Ask Me Anything" session. Get popcorn ready and join the discussion!

The link will be published shortly before the session on our Facebook page.

General AI Challenge NYC meetup:

Learning About the Brain and Brain-Inspired Learning

The slides of Dr. Irina Rish (AI Foundations Lab, IBM T.J. Watson Research), who held a lecture on the intersection of neuroscience and machine learning, are now available here.

Hype around AI: help or limitation for research?

This and many other questions were addressed on a panel discussion on AI challenges at Blast! - tech event in Rome, Italy.

It was moderated by AI Academy Rome.


We were happy to meet the Challenge participants from Italy on this event, and we wish them - and everyone - best of luck!

Roadmap to general AI


Workshop on AI roadmapping by Dr. Jan Feyereisl took place on Rise Of AI in Berlin on May 11. It was a great chance to discuss AI Roadmap Institute with many fellow researchers and practitioners.

Contribute to the academic community with your Challenge thoughts!


The EGPAI 2017  (Evaluating General-Purpose AI workshop, August 19-25, 2017, Melbourne, Australia) will host a special session for the General AI Challenge track, reporting on the state of the competition, including an invited talk given from GoodAI and a few selected short reports from the participants.

Registered participants are invited to submit a short summary (2-4 pages) explaining their approach to solving the challenge and their experience so far (at the moment of submission). The deadline is June 10th, 2017.

Week of Innovation 2017 - Open House day @ GoodAI, May 27

During the Innovation Week Prague, which takes place in May, GoodAI will open its doors to the wide audience.

Come see the offices of GoodAI and Keen Software House!

Discuss with GoodAI researchers about the artificial intelligence development progress. Learn more about the General AI Challenge and how you can become one of the challenge champions. Play Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers together with the game developers. Try out our VR headset and get a discount voucher for the KeenVR gaming center. Or just have a chat over some snacks!


May 26, Bratislava, Slovakia

Innovation Summit

May 26, Prague, Czech Republic

Meet the General AI Challenge & GoodAI team!

Is there anything going on near you? Take a look!

The Next Web 2017

May 19, Amsterdam, Netherlands

We are very excited to join The Next Web! Our COO Olga Afanasjeva will share her thoughts on general AI on a panel discussion with Corinne Vigreux (Co-founder of TomTom) and Siraj Raval (Data Scientist & Youtuber).

AI for Good

June 7-9, Geneva, Switzerland

News from the AI world

Teaching robots right from wrong

"...Their students don’t sit in front of each computer’s screen, but rather on their hard drives. GoodAI specialises in educating artificial intelligence: teaching them to think, reason and act. Their overarching vision is to train AI in the art of ethics."

Fascinating piece on what we do at GoodAI made the cover story of The Economist’s 1843 magazine. Proud to see our ideas inspiring people all over the world!

DeepArchitect: Automatically Designing and Training Deep Architectures

Today, the choice of AI agent architecture is done manually by the human expert through a slow trial and error process guided mainly by intuition - you may have experienced that solving the Challenge. This paper proposes a framework for automatically designing and training deep models. 

Stanford is giving the world Medical ImageNet 0.5 PetaBytes dataset for diagnostic radiology


Stanford gave the world ImageNet to facilitate the research - now it shares a medical dataset. Isn't that exciting?

Smart cities: Nvidia wants to put a brain inside every surveillance camera


Nvidia thinks there’s valuable metadata hidden in all that video. And rather than analyzing it later, the company says it can use artificial intelligence to pull out information in real-time.

Six graphs to understand the state of Artificial Intelligence academic research


Interesting analysis of the field of AI academic research performed on the basis of Science Direct’s API. Are we getting even more papers - or is it going to stop anytime soon?

Artificial Intelligence: hype vs. application


Many people think you have to be a developer to start using machine learning. That’s not true. Your affinity with math is actually more important than any coding knowledge and courses.

Inspirational read for those starting their way in the world of AI from City.AI.

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