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Weekly Update #11

Challenge events, videos and interesting readings!

May 4, 2017

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Marek Rosa: Discussing General AI Research & Development at GoodAI 

On May 1st, Marek Rosa (CEO, CTO, GoodAI) and Olga Afanasjeva (General AI Challenge director) were on livestream to talk about GoodAI, the Challenge, and to answer your questions.

In case you didn't participate, enjoy the recording!

General AI Challenge NYC meetup:

Learning About the Brain and Brain-Inspired Learning

Yesterday, on May 3, we held a meetup together with Dr. Irina Rish (AI Foundations Lab, IBM T.J. Watson Research), who held a great lecture on the intersection of neuroscience and machine learning. 


Great thanks to Consciousness Club NYC for hosting the event!

My General AI Challenge

We launched General AI Challenge to open search for general AI to everyone who has passion. Why did you join?


Tell us using hashtag #MyAIChallenge. We will share the most inspiring stories!

Week of Innovation 2017 - Open House day @ GoodAI, May 27

During the Innovation Week Prague, which takes place in May, GoodAI will open its doors to the wide audience.

Come see the offices of GoodAI and Keen Software House!

Discuss with GoodAI researchers about the artificial intelligence development progress. Learn more about the General AI Challenge and how you can become one of the challenge champions. Play Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers together with the game developers. Try out our VR headset and get a discount voucher for the KeenVR gaming center. Or just have a chat over some snacks!

Meet the General AI Challenge & GoodAI team!

Is there anything going on near you? Take a look!

Rise of AI

May 11, Berlin, Germany


May 26, Bratislava, Slovakia


May 10, Rome, Italy

Innovation Summit

May 26, Prague, Czech Republic

News from the AI world

Self-driving Deep Neural Network


In a paper "Explaining How a Deep Neural Network Trained with End-to-End Learning Steers a Car", researchers from NVIDIA, Google and NYU evaluate the ‘PilotNet’, a neural-network-based system which outputs steering angles given images of the road ahead.

Colah's Blog: Neural networks


The blog of Christopher Olah, research scientist at Google Brain, is dedicated to neural networks. It is very well-structured and gives a great overview of the topic. Make sure you check it out!

Seven deadly Sins and AI Safety


A curious blogpost by Carlos E. Perez, suggesting that the deadly sins originate from intuition, and this positively impacts the AI safety.

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