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Weekly Update #10

Challenge insights, new meetups, Open House

at GoodAI and informal stream with Marek Rosa!

April 27, 2017


We are approaching the frontier of 400 participants, and this is great news! Thank you for you interest!

The most active country in the Challenge so far is the USA, followed by India and Japan.


Looking forward to your solutions!

London TensorFlow Webinar:

General AI Challenge and Luba Elliott

On April 26th, the Challenge team took part in a webinar organized by London TensorFlow meetups, together with Luba Elliott, who talked about Creative AI.

Now it is available on YouTube. Enjoy!

General AI Challenge NYC meetup:

Learning About the Brain and Brain-Inspired Learning

In this meetup, Dr. Irina Rish (AI Foundations Lab, IBM T.J. Watson Research) will explore the intersection of neuroscience and machine learning, and the team of GoodAI will introduce the $5M General AI Challenge and discuss the relevant approaches in development of General AI and design of the Challenge.


This event is hosted by Consciousness Club NYC.

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Twitch about GoodAI and the Challenge with Marek Rosa and

Olga Afanasjeva: May 1st, 7 pm CET


Keen Community network is a place where you can find livestreams, behind-the-scenes footage and much more about games Space Engineers, Medieval Engineers and Keen Software House, a gaming company created by Marek Rosa (CEO, CTO, GoodAI).

This time, Marek will be there to talk about GoodAI together with Olga Afanasjeva (COO GoodAI, General AI Challenge director). You'll be able to take a look at GoodAI's backstage, hear about it from the founder and ask your questions on interactive live chat.

 See you soon!

Machine Learning Prague 2017

Last week, GoodAI took part in Machine Learning Prague conference. We held multiple workshops on gradual learning and AI roadmapping,  and spent great and productive time with members of General AI Challenge Advisory board.

You can find the materials from Gradual Learning workshop here.


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General AI Challenge in faces:

interview with Daria Hvizdalova

Daria, project coordinator at GoodAI, who takes care of the Challenge, is going to speak on BLAST! in Rome. 

Week of Innovation 2017 - Open House day @ GoodAI, May 27

During the Innovation Week Prague, which takes place in May, GoodAI will open its doors to the wide audience.

Come see the offices of GoodAI and Keen Software House!

Discuss with GoodAI researchers about the artificial intelligence development progress. Learn more about the General AI Challenge and how you can become one of the challenge champions. Play Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers together with the game developers. Try out our VR headset and get a discount voucher for the KeenVR gaming center. Or just have a chat over some snacks!

News from the AI world

Differentiable Neural Computer code is out!


A TensorFlow implementation of the Differentiable Neural Computer has been released by DeepMind this week.


At each timestep, it has state consisting of the current memory contents (and auxiliary information such as memory usage), and maps input at time to output at time.

The Conversational Intelligence Challenge: NIPS 2017 Live Competition Research


This NIPS Live Competition aims to unify the community around the challenging task: building systems capable of intelligent conversations. Teams are expected to submit dialogue systems able to carry out intelligent and natural conversations about specific news articles with humans.

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