Weekly Update #1 - Challenge launch, 1st Round, Tokyo & NYC kick-off meetups and more!

The First Round is Launched!

Warm-up Round: Gradual Learning - Learning Like a Human

The first (warm-up) round of the challenge launched last week. Submissions will be open until August 14th 2017, 23:59 CET. The goal is to design an agent that should demonstrate gradual learning—the ability to use previously learned skills to more readily learn new skills.

Check out this page for more info about the challenge tasks and how to participate:


First General AI Challenge meetup in Tokyo

The first General AI Challenge meetup took place in Tokyo, Japan on the launch day of the challenge. The meetup welcomed around 50 attendees who had the opportunity to learn more about the challenge and the first round, participate in the discussion on how to approach the challenge, direct their questions to the organizers via live stream, and network with other attendees


The next challenge meetups are scheduled for February 22nd in New York and for March 1st in Prague. More at: https://www.general-ai-challenge.org/events


What's Next?

Have you already started brainstorming the tasks? You can discuss the Challenge with other participants or address your questions to organizers on our forum. There is also a great chance to meet them in person and learn more about the competition - look out for upcoming Challenge meetups around you.

How is the General AI Challenge different from other AI competitions

If you are curious to understand how  the General AI Challenge is different from other AI challenges, check out the blog post by our scientific advisor José Hernández-Orallo, Professor at Technical University of Valencia.

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