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General AI Challenge


Update #25: Collaborating on the Animal-AI Olympics 



28 January 2019


For the next round of the General AI Challenge, we are happy to collaborate with the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI) on the Animal-AI Olympics. At this time we are postponing the Simulating the AI Race round to focus on this new project. 


The project aims to benchmark the current level of various AI’s against different animal species using a range of established animal cognition tasks.

At the moment we are refining the tasks and further competition details will be released in April 2019, along with information on how to enter. Until then you can find more details and a timeline on the Animal-AI Olympics website

We encourage General AI Challenge participants to take part in this competition and it will feature as a major step forward for the Challenge! 

Image Credit Squidoodle

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