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General AI Challenge


Challenge Update #21 - Latest: Solving the AI Race


19 March 2018

The Solving the AI Race round of the General AI Challenge is underway and so far we have received over 100 registrants! 

Don’t forget to register (if you haven’t already) and send your submissions to before the deadline on 18 May 2018.

Prize winners will be invited to a workshop at the Human-Level AI Conference in Prague (see below) to define the next practical steps.

We will be accepting submissions until 18 May 2018.

Human-Level AI (HLAI) Conference

GoodAI are organizing the world’s number one Human-Level AI (HLAI) Conference which is set to take place in Europe for the first time, coming to Prague from 22-25 August 2018.
The conference will have an academic track and a Future of AI track, aimed at the general public, which will feature: Irina Higgins (DeepMind), Kenneth Stanley (Uber), Brenden Lake (NYU), Tomas Mikolov (Facebook AI Research) and many more experts in the field.

Sponsors include O2, Microsoft, MSD and many more. 

Reading list
If you are working on your submission it is worth checking out our reading list on our forum, where you can find some inspiration and also recommend papers we can add to it. 

My Vision: the future of AI and people

Marek Rosa, GoodAI CEO, has recently released a blog post outlining what the future of AI might look like for humanity. 


Events and workshops

The key to the success of this round is engaging as many people as possible. Our team has been busy so far in 2018 attending events across Europe and organizing workshops with key figures. 

Events of 2018 so far:

Upcoming events:

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