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General AI Challenge


Challenge Update #18 - Results party, white papers and Round 2: AI Race Avoidance

Round 1 Gradual Learning: results party


We threw a party at our offices in Prague to celebrate the recent results of Round 1: Gradual Learning. We were joined by partners, judges, participants and of course our finalists! 

The GoodAI team elaborated on the results and we heard from two of the external judges via video link, Tomas Mikolov (Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research) and Roman Yampolskiy (Professor at University of Louisville).

Finally, we heard from the four finalists, Andreas Ipp and Andrés del Campo Novales (video of speech below), who made it on the night, as well as Dan Barry and Susumu Katayama who joined via video link. Below you can also find short interviews with Andreas and Andrés.

October 11, 2017


In this update you will find:

  • Photos and videos from the Round 1: Gradual Learning results party 

  • White papers and code from the finalists who decided to share them

  • Information about Round 2: AI Race Avoidance 

  • Details of The Telegraph DEN Live event  


Andrés delivers a moving speech
Andreas Ipp receives award
General AI Challenge results party
Tomas Mikolov (Facebook AI Research)
General AI Challenge results party
General AI Challenge results party
Andrés and Andreas receiving awards
Jan Sekerka from Microsoft
General AI Challenge results party
General AI Challenge results party
Dan Barry from Rome via Skype
General AI Challenge results party

You can find a wider selection of photos on our Dropbox.

White papers 

Three of our four finalists have decided to share their white papers, and two decided to share their code as well. You can see them here:

Round 2: AI Race Avoidance 


In the middle of November we will be launching Round 2: AI Race Avoidance. The second round will ask participants to come up with a proposal of what practical steps can be taken to avoid the pitfalls of the AI race and advance the development of beneficial general AI. 

Find out more about the round.

New partnership with The Telegraph  


GoodAI have partnered with The Telegraph newspaper for the Digital Enterprise Network event in London. GoodAI's Strategy Advisor Marek Havrda will be chairing a session exploring the question: what will the AI driven business of the future look like? He will also be on a panel discussing what the next industrial revolution means for the workforce.


Find out more about the event.

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