General AI Challenge


Challenge Update #24 - $15,000 of prizes for Solving the AI Race finalists 



We are proud to announce the finalists of the Solving the AI Race round of the General AI Challenge and award $15,000 of prize money. We had 194 registrations from 41 different countries and a total of 59 submissions


We had some great entries which were anonymized, shortlisted and passed to our judging panel made up of: 



The panel judged the entries on five criteria:

  • Impact: the potential the solution shows to maximize the chances of a positive future for humanity

  • Feasibility: how practical it will be to implement / apply

  • Acceptance: how likely it is that actors involved will accept the idea. E.g. in case of an actionable strategy, what is the chance actors would publicly pledge to it? In case of a framework, how easily could it be adopted?

  • Integrity: how ethical the solution is (ideally solutions should not disadvantage any actors and take into account diversity of values)    

  • Novelty: has it been suggested before?


The judges then discussed their scores together and determined six prize winners who received the highest score:


Top scoring solutions ($3,000 each)


Runners up ($2,000 each)



Next steps


We encourage all those who took part in the Solving the AI Race round to publish their submissions on our forum to discuss further and work together towards a robust solution. 


This was just the first stage where the goal was to get as diverse pool of ideas as possible and we intend to continue working on solutions to the AI Race. We are glad we got such a diverse range of ideas and opened up many points of discussion. The judges concluded that none of the submissions provided a complete robust solution to all of the possible pitfalls of a race to AI. Therefore, the next round of the Challenge is likely to focus more on concrete KPI’s and test for robustness of solutions.


The prize winners have been invited to the Human-Level AI Conference in Prague this August, which is being co-organized by GoodAI, where they will be able to discuss their ideas further in an AI Race and Societal Impacts panel discussion on Friday 24 August. Everyone interested in the General AI Challenge can also benefit from a 10% discount to the Human-Level AI Conference using the discount code: Challenge-HLAI18.


The prize winners have also been invited, by jury member Roman V. Yampolskiy, to submit their papers to a Special Issue of peer reviewed journal Big Data and Cognitive Computing journal - "Artificial Superintelligence: Coordination & Strategy"