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Human-Level AI Conference 2018

Date: 22-25 August, 2018

GoodAI organized the world's largest Human-Level AI Conference (HLAI). It took place in Prague and saw over 500 attendees and over 40 speakers. The conference included a panel session on AI Race and Societal Impacts which saw the finalists of the Solving the AI Race take part and discuss AI safety and the future (panel pictured below). You can read more about the conference here


Aspen Institute: Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Date: 14-15 March, 2018

​GoodAI CEO Marek Rosa spoke at the Aspen Institute policy program Humanity Disrupted: Artificial Intelligence and Changing Societies. The Aspen Germany AI-Conference brought together policy-makers, business leaders, innovators, economists, philosophers, religious leaders, civil society and security experts from Europe and the United States to discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

SingularityU Czech Summit 

Date: March 06, 2018

GoodAI CEO Marek Rosa spoke about the Ethics of AI at the SingularityU Czech Summit in Prague. 

Singularity University (SU) is a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build an abundant future for all.

World Government Summit 201, Dubai


Date: February 10, 2018

Marek Havrda, GoodAI Strategy Advisor, was in Dubai for the World Government Summit discussing the Global Governance of AI.


The summit was organized by The Future Society at Harvard Kennedy School, and Marek was joined by leaders in the field of AI governance and safety including; Stuart Russell, Wendell Wallach, Jaan Tallinn, John C. Havens, Jürgen Schmidhuber and many more. They discussed topics including:

  • Mapping AI and Global Best Practices (Reaping Benefits, Mitigating Risks)

  • AI Technology Development

  • Cooperation on the Governance of AI

  • Ethics and Code of Practice

  • Metrics of Well-being

OpenTalks.AI​, Moscow

Date: February 09, 2018

Good AI COO, Olga Afanasjeva, was speaking at the OpenTalks.AI conference in Moscow discussing the "Solving the AI Race" round of the General AI Challenge.

OpenTalks.AI is a place for the presentation of leading R&D and AI solutions from Russia and abroad and to discuss AI phenomenon from all perspectives – science, business, ethics, legal and philosophy.

Telegraph DEN Live, London 

Date: December 11, 2017

GoodAI partnered with The Telegraph Newspaper for the Digital Enterprise Network event in London. 


GoodAI's Strategy Advisor Marek Havrda chaired a session exploring the question: what will the AI driven business of the future look like? He was also on a panel discussing what the next industrial revolution means for the workforce.

World Summit AI, Amsterdam  

Date: October 11, 2017

Jan Feyereisl, Senior Research Scientist, and Daria Hvizdalova, Project Manager, introduced the General AI Challenge at the world’s largest applied AI event - the World Summit AI in Amsterdam.


They recapped the results of Round 1: Gradual Learning and introduced Round 2: AI Race Avoidance. Some questions they addressed included: 

  • How can we build a gradually learning AI?

  • How can we make sure the race between AI researchers doesn’t compromise safety?

  • How can we facilitate the discussion between academia, business and policy makers? 

AI and Society Symposium, Tokyo 

Date: October 10 - 11, 2017

We are proud to have been partners of the AI and Society Symposium in Tokyo. Marek Rosa, CEO & CTO at GoodAI and founder of the General AI Challenge, gave a talk titled Roadmap to Good AI, about taking a big picture perspective when looking at the development of general AI. 

Olga Afanasjeva, COO at GoodAI and General AI Challenge Director, also chaired the AGI session and was a panellist at the Beneficial AI Tokyo event (pictured below). 

Finally, during the conference week, GoodAI also hosted a workshop on AI Race Avoidance with a few partners and advisors. The findings from this workshop will be written up in a blog and help to shape Round 2 of the General AI Challenge. 

General AI Challenge Round 1: Gradual Learning Results Party, Prague 

Date: October 03, 2017

We threw a party to celebrate the results of Round 1: Gradual Learning of the General AI Challenge!


The GoodAI team elaborated on the results and we heard from two of the external judges via video link, Tomas Mikolov (Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research) and Roman Yampolskiy (Professor at University of Louisville).

Finally, we heard from the four finalists, Andres Ipp and Andrés del Campo Novales, who made it on the night, as well as Dan Barry and Susumu Katayama who joined via video link. 

Andreas Ipp receives award
General AI Challenge results party
Tomas Mikolov (Facebook AI Research)
General AI Challenge results party
General AI Challenge results party
Andrés and Andreas receiving awards
General AI Challenge results party
Jan Sekerka from Microsoft
Andrés giving his speech
General AI Challenge results party
General AI Challenge results party
Dan Barry from Rome via Skype

You can find more picture of the party here


We also caught up with two of our finalists at the party. You can see brief interviews with them both below, as well as a speech from Andrés del Campo Novales. 

EGPAI 2017, Melbourne, Australia


Date: August 19, 2017

EGPAI 2017  (Evaluating General-Purpose AI workshop, August 19-25, 2017, Melbourne, Australia) hosted an invited talk, reporting on the state of the Challenge.

General AI Challenge on Machine Learning & Data Science Meetup Rome


Date: July 5, 2017

We joined the Machine Learning & Data Science Meetup Rome for a session dedicated to Deep Reinforcement  Learning and General AI. We explained the General AI Challenge, its tasks and evaluation criteria. A Challenge participant Simone Totaro talked about recent advances in Deep Reinforcement Learning and its possible applications to the Challenge.

Microsoft Azure webinar for the General AI Challenge


Date: June 13, 2017

To train and test your agents, you are given free access to Microsoft Azure cloud space, provided by our technological partner Microsoft Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Together we held a webinar to introduce Azure and answer your questions.

The webinar covered following areas:

  • Azure overview

  • Azure activation in BizSpark program

  • Specific workloads needed for the General AI Challenge (VMs, Docker, ML)

  • Tasks and evaluation of the General AI Challenge

  • Q&A

Watch the recording of the webinar here:

AI for Good


Date: June 7-9, 2017

ITU and the XPRIZE Foundation organized the first AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva, 7-9 June, 2017 in partnership with a number of UN sister agencies. The Summit aimed to accelerate and advance the development and democratization of AI solutions to address specific global challenges related to poverty, hunger, health, education, the environment, and others.

The Summit provided a neutral platform for government officials, UN agencies, NGO's, industry leaders, and AI experts to discuss the ethical, technical, societal and policy issues related to AI, offer recommendations and guidance,​ and promote international dialogue and cooperation in support of AI innovation. GoodAI team was happy to join the global conversation.

You can find more materials from the event here:

·        Flickr

·        Webcast Archives 

·        YouTube 



Date: May 26, 2017

Looking into the future defined by technology enigmas such as development of the artificial intelligence was one of the new features introduced at Globsec Bratislava Forum in May.

The discussion within Globsec Future addressing multiple open questions about safety and security of the AI was co-organised by general artificial intelligence R&D company Good AI.


- a panel discussion with

Marek Rosa, CEO & CTO, GoodAI and the founder of the General AI Challenge, Prague 

Khalil Rouhana, Deputy Director-General, Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology, European Commission, Brussels
Andreas Ebert, EU Technology Officer, Microsoft, Vienna
Led by: Patrick Tucker, Author, Technology Editor, Defense One, New York

Innovation Summit Prague


Date: May 26, 2017

​The European Leadership & Academic Institute (ELAI) organized the Innovation Summit, which was part of Innovation Week Prague. It focused on artificial intelligence, the latest Smart technologies, and their impacts on both professional and private life.

Leading foreign and Czech experts took part in the Conference. Among them -

- Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh, Executive Director of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk and Senior Research Associate at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, University of Cambridge

- Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Founder and CEO of Jumpstarter Inc.

- Jan Feyereisl, Executive Director at AI Roadmap Institute and Senior Research Scientist at GoodAI.

General AI Challenge NYC meetup:

Learning About the Brain and Brain-Inspired Learning


Date: May 3, 2017

Quantifying mental states and identifying statistical biomarkers of mental disorders from neuroimaging data is an exciting and rapidly growing research area at the intersection of neuroscience and machine learning, with the particular focus on interpretability and reproducibility of learned models. We will discuss promises and limitations of machine-learning methods in applications involving fMRI and EEG data; moreover, we will summarize some directions related to mental state inference "beyond the scanner," involving speech and wearable sensors, with applications ranging from clinical settings (“computational psychiatry”) to everyday life (“augmented human”).

Finally, besides the above “AI to Brain” direction, we will discuss “Brain to AI,” namely, borrowing ideas from neuroscience to improve machine learning, with specific focus on adult neurogenesis and online model adaptation in representation learning.


In this meetup, Dr. Irina Rish (AI Foundations Lab, IBM T.J. Watson Research) explored the intersection of neuroscience and machine learning, and the team of GoodAI introduced the $5M General AI Challenge and discussed the relevant approaches in development of General AI and designing the Challenge.


This event washosted by Consciousness Club NYC.

London, UK - Challenge webinar


Date: April 26th, 2017

In the recent years, interest in AI is quickly growing. The ultimate goal for many researchers is to develop a system that could perform as well as humans in a broad set of tasks, without having to be manually programmed for each. However, most of the recent successful stories are examples of so-called 'narrow AI' that can perform only on a single task.

On this webinar, team of GoodAI introduced the $5M General AI Challenge and discussed the gradual learning round in details, demonstrating the tasks and answering your questions.


This event was hosted by TensorFlow Meetup London.

New York, USA - Challenge meetup


Date: April 5th, 2017

Games, particularly video games, are increasingly used to test artificial intelligence. But what sort of intelligence is it that we want to develop?

At this meetup, Dr. Julian Togelius (Game Innovation Lab, New York University) explored the role of video games in developing general intelligence. 


Team from GoodAI shared their perspective via live stream, introduce the $5M General AI Challenge, and explain the motivation behind the Challenge tasks and the environment used in the 1st round of the Challenge.


The meetup was hosted by YHouse at WeWork Park South (10th Floor Lounge, entrance at 110 E. 28th Street), within YHouse's existing meetup series called Consciousness Club NYC.

Bratislava, Slovakia - Challenge meetup

Date: March 15, 2017

Similar to the ones that preceded it, the Bratislava meetup was a full house! Attendees had the opportunity to meet the Challenge and GoodAI teams, and ask various questions related to the development of general artificial intelligence as well as learn more about the Challenge.

The GoodAI Applied team had a presentation on the limits of today's AI and how the algorithms developed by the GoodAI Core team can be implemented for business use.


The event closed with Ralph Hinsche, Business Development Manager for Higher Education & Research at NVIDIA, showcasing five easy steps to get started with Deep Learning.


A detailed QA from the event will be published on the Challenge official forum within the next few days.


Guillermo Alda - Client Development Director, GoodAI Applied

An introduction to GoodAI Applied


Olga Afanasjeva - General AI Challenge Director, COO at GoodAI

Sungmin Aum - Senior Researcher at GoodAI

The General AI Challenge presentation


Ralph Hinsche - Business Development Manager for Higher Education & Research at NVIDIA

Five easy steps to Deep Learning


Prague, Czech Republic - Challenge meetup

Date: March 1, 2017

The Prague meetup in GoodAI office was a full house! General AI Challenge team was happy to explain the competition in detail, demonstrate the first round tasks and answer all the questions. Inspiring talks about meta-learning and sentience of AGI kicked off long discussions on the networking part of the evening.



Pavel Kordik,

Researcher at Czech Technical University in Prague,Co-founder at Recombee

Meta Reinforcement Learning

The aim of the talk was to present that meta-learning or "learning to learn" is important for developing general artificial intelligence. Pavel demonstrated some examples of meta-learning approaches to predictive modeling, recommended systems or data clustering and discussed recent works on meta-learning for reinforcement learning by some of the top AI labs.

Extended version of the presentation is here.

Jan Romportl,

Chief Data Scientist at O2 Czech Republic

Do We Want Sentient AGI?

Jan in his talk, illustrated some examples why sentience is an important aspect of AGI: either its presence could be important (such as autonomous vehicles/planes), or its absence could be important (O2 and Big Data). He also mentioned consciousness as an emergent phenomenon.


New York, USA - Challenge meetup


Date: Feb 22, 2017

The second General AI Challenge meetup took place in New York City and was hosted by YHouse at WeWork Park South in the 10th Floor Lounge (entrance at 110 E. 28th Street), within YHouse's existing meetup series called Consciousness Club NYC. Attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the Challenge and the warm-up round, discuss with the GoodAI team through a live stream and ask questions about the challenge.

Dr. Tomas Mikolov (Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research) was the speaker of the night where he presented his ideas on the topic of "strong AI", a.k.a. "Artificial general intelligence" (AGI) in his presentation "Communication-based General Artificial Intelligence".

The GoodAI's team presentation is here.


Tokyo, Japan - Challenge kick-off meetup

Date: Feb 15, 2017

Our first informational meetup was hosted by Araya at the Ito International Research Center, University of Tokyo - on the launch day of the General AI Challenge.​ Attendees had the chance to learn more about the Challenge and the warm-up round, get the questions answered directly by the organizers and the organizing partners and network with other participants.

Check out the Q&A here.


Ryota Kanai, CEO & Co-founder, Araya Brain Imaging