General AI Challenge


Challenge Update #20 - Launch of "Solving the AI Race" round 

January 18, 2017

Today GoodAI have launched the "Solving the AI Race" round of the General AI Challenge. Participants can compete for $15,000 in prizes by sending us suggestions on how to mitigate the risks associated with a race to transformative AI.

We will be accepting submissions until 18 May 2018.


It is the first non-programming round and we are encouraging participants from all disciplines.
We are asking participants to come up with detailed proposals of how to avoid AI research becoming a race where: 


  • Key stakeholders, including developers, may ignore or underestimate safety procedures, or agreements, in favor of faster utilization

  • The fruits of the technology might not be shared by the majority of people to benefit humanity, but only by a selected few

We have worked on the specification of this round with our external advisory board which includes representatives from Facebook, Microsoft, Future of Humanity Institute, Tencent, and other industry and academic leaders (full list below).


For this round to have the biggest impact we need to spread the word as widely as possible. So if you know anyone who might be interested in taking part please share the news with them!

Challenge advisory board: 

Miles Brundage - Research Fellow, Future of Humanity Institute

Frank Dignum - Associate Professor, Utrecht University

Virginia Dignum - Associate Professor, Delft University of Technology

Ayako Fukui - Strategic Initiatives Consultant, Araya

Ling Ge - Chief European Representative, Tencent

José Hernández-Orallo - Professor, Universitat Politècnica de València

Ryota Kanai - Founder and CEO, Araya

Pavel Kordik - Researcher, Czech Technical University

Tak Lo - Partner,

Alison Lowndes - Artificial Intelligence Developer Relations, NVIDIA

Tomas Mikolov - Research Scientist, Facebook AI Research

Jan Pospisil - Senior Technology (Technical) Evangelist, Microsoft

Jan Romportl - Chief Data Scientist, O2

Jan Sekerka - Partner Business Evangelism Lead, Microsoft

Julian Togelius - Professor, New York University

Roman Yampolskiy - Professor, University of Louisville

Ivan Zelinka - Professor, Technical University Ostrava